Grants - 2010-2011 (spring)

Marathoning Minds Fitness Challenge
David Kearney, Sunnyside Elementary School, $550

Electronic recording devices purchased from grant monies will track every individual mile ran during recess by these elementary students as they continue their school-wide fight against childhood obesity,  use physical activity to stimulate their brain, and promote a sense of community as their school running club prepares for local kids' races and marathons.

Backpack Bookworms
Carol Adkins, Diana Stevens and Alison Melton, Rolling Ridge Elementary School, $965

This innovative summer program will allow students to walk from their school each week during the summer months to the public library with their teachers. This will keep books in their hands and promote reading all summer long.

Climbing the Level Ladder
Stacy Vandemark, Forest View Elementary School, $1,000

This program will maximize student success by allowing them to practice with books on their exact reading level which will, in turn, allow them to progress up the reading level ladder.

No Time to Waste
Jill Stuart, Claire Alternative Learning Center, $1,050

Students who struggle with emotional and behavioral issues often spend time out of the classroom trying to manage their acute emotional issues, yet they have no time to waste academically. Theraputty, work boxes, zoom balls and other equipment provide experiences to maintain educational learning while experiencing emotional recovery.

Michelle Williams, Rolling Ridge Elementary School, $3,800

A classroom set of Orff percussion instruments such as  xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels will give each student a fun and exciting way to learn the music curriculum. Afterschool Orfesstrator ensemble performances will allow students to shine.

ELL Night Classes
Selena Eckstrom, Countryside and Indian Creek Elementary School, $3,500

Limited-English-speaking parents will learn language skills that will allow them to help their students with homework and test preparation at home.

Fishing for Fun
Judy Smith, Prairie Learning Center, $715

Fishing equipment will be used to teach these challenged students the lost art and skill of fishing providing them an appropriate lifelong, relaxing, recreational skill as an alternative to troublesome after-school activity.

Rachel's Challenge
Becky Vrbas, Indian Trail Middle School, $4,800

Inspired by the life of Rachel Scott, the first victim of the 1999 Columbine shootings, this powerful assembly and training program for students, staff and parents in the community will address the real-life problem of bullying.

Parent University
Stephanie Dancso, Central Elementary School, $4,520

Evening parent training sessions will not only increase parental involvement at this Title I school but will also equip parents with essential skills needed to support their children's education and overall well-being making education a priorty for these families year round.

Fitness at Risk II
Tina Sollars, CHOICES Specialty Schools, $1,440

This at-risk specialty school will receive resistance training and hand-held weight equipment to expand their new physical education program promoting a further sense of well-being among these students who often times struggle with issues like substance abuse.