Grants - 2009-2010 (winter)

Focus Strategies
Anita Davis & Tina Cornell, Brougham Elementary School, $5,000

Balance chairs, fidget pencils, posture wedges, and weighted blankets are just a few of the items that will be purchased to use with identified students to help them stay focused in a classroom setting.

Judy Smith, Prairie Learning Center, $430

A butterfly garden combines vocational and educational benefits while beautifying the school grounds. During this cross-curricular project, students will see their hard work come to reality as they plan the garden, prepare the soil, choose and plant the perennials and then, while maintaining the garden, observe and study the metamorphosis of the caterpillar/butterfly life cycle.

Assistive Technology Library
Sarah Hoshor, Clearwater Creek Elementary School, $2,500

A lending library of assistive technology items will give speech-language pathologists the ability to try various devices and equipment to see which interventions will best meet students' individual needs before making the purchase for that student.

Ceramics For All
Chad McFarland, Project SOAR Specialty School, $730

When this specialty school was fortunate enough to obtain a special education teacher who also had an art background, they knew they would be able to extend an opportunity to these at-risk students. A pottery wheel and supplies will give these kids a chance to have a hands-on, creative academic activity which will also provide therapeutic benefits as well.

Weigh To Go Watch D.O.G.S.! You "Measure" Up!
Nancy Skidmore & Shawn Fiscus, Black Bob Elementary School, $740

Math manipulatives which teach the concepts of time, weight, temperature, and fractions will be utilized by this elementary school Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) program to enhance Kansas math assessment scores in the area of estimation and measurement.

A Level Playing Field - Using Netbooks
Nancy McRoberts, Olathe Northwest High School, $5,000

Some students who ride the bus are not able to stay after school to use classroom computers and do not have transportation to the public library. This grant provides a notebook computer lending library to students who do not have technology in their homes. Students may now check out the netbooks to complete their assignments at home.

Dynamic Seating
Candace Crawford, Central Elementary School, $395

Balance disks for each student will meet their kinesthetic needs by providing them the opportunity to wiggle in their seats while staying safe, increasing blood flow and thus, improving attention levels during instruction time.

Star Centers
Mika Rutherford, Fairview Elementary School, $1,000

Math games and manipulatives and audio reading tools provide reinforced learning activities for these Title I kindergarten students which can also be checked out for home use.

The World Is Their Oyster: Amplifying Young Minds
Kristen Bickimer, Olathe North High School, $1,255

English language learners will have the opportunity to learn about the geography and history of the world through reading materials that are suitable for their learning level but offer a more age-appropriate subject matter.

Get A Grip!
Anita Davis & Tina Cornell, Brougham Elementary School, $1,000

Collaboration between kindergarten teachers and occupational therapists will help these kindergarten students use hand manipulation tools during center time to promote proper pencil grips, handwriting skills, and self-help skills like buttoning and zipping.