Wimmer Student Care Fund

"The Student Care Fund – In honor of Dr. Ron Wimmer" was established by the Olathe Public Schools Foundation four years ago. The fund is a tribute to Dr. Wimmer’s years of service as superintendent of Olathe Schools and his passion for students.

Funds are disbursed to students and their families in times of special need to minimize the impact on the students and keep them in school. Great importance has been placed on flexibility with the current superintendent having control of the fund. When she approves a disbursement, checks are sent within 48 hours so immediate action can be taken to assist the student in need and get them back in school, ready to learn.

"It has been a wonderful experience to be able to assist students with immediate needs that cannot be addressed with district funds," Dr. Patricia All said. "I am so proud that we have staff who advocate for our kids and take the time to make a request for their best interest."

The fund helps students in many ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • A student needing instructional aid and a safe place to go after school receive tuition assistance for an after school program.
  • The family of an Olathe student received financial assistance to have electrical services restored to their home.
  • A student suffering from a cardiovascular ailment received assistance with past-due medical bills.
  • Bus fare assistance was provided for a student in need of reliable transportation because mother couldn’t afford a car and had medical problems that prevented her from driving.
  • Numerous high school and junior high students received financial support to attend school district summer athletic camps.

To sponsor this program, please call the OPSF Executive Director, Cynthia VonFeldt, at 780-8249.

To donate to this fund, click here. By making a $10 minimum donation, you may receive a set of student note cards featuring the art work of six Olathe student artists.


Classified Employee Excellence Recognition Award (CEERA)

Your company could be a sponsor for this or any of our other specialty programs. For more information contact Cindy VonFeldt at (913) 780-8249.