Grant Programs

Download a PDF of the Foundation's Dream Big Grant Presentation.  This slideshow was presented at the 2017 OPS Teacher Symposium and details all the ways that OPSF supports classroom innovation and student need.

The Olathe Public Schools Foundation awards grants through two main programs:

Classroom Grant Program:  Grants up to $2,500 for innovative classroom projects, $2,000 for visual arts programs, $1,000 for need-based grants, and up to $5,000 for projects impacting multiple classrooms, grades, or schools.

OPSF Women's Giving Circle: 100+ women each donate $100 twice a year to form the pool of funds with which they fund innovative grants twice a year.

Last year, the Foundation awarded more than $120,000 in grants through the programs listed above. 

Classroom Grant Program

The first grant cycle for the 2017-18 school year is now open. Certified educators may submit a grant application to the Foundation offices at the NLSC. Applications are due in our offices by 4:00 p.m. on the cycle deadline date.
Grant Application   doc
Grant Application   pdf
Technology Approval Form   doc
Technology Approval Form  pdf
Grant Deadlines for 2017-18 school year are:

  • Thursday, September 14, 2017
  • Thursday, November 16, 2017
  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

Grant applications will be considered in two steps. First, applications will be screened for compliance with our minimum eligibility standards. Applications that meet the minimum eligibility standards will be compared to other proposals using competitive standards in the following areas:

  • Innovation or Student Need
  • Impact
  • Educational outcomes
  • Student success

Women's Giving Circle 

The OPSF Women’s Giving Circle is a group of women who support Olathe students and teachers.  Their combined financial contributions create a pool of funds which they grant out to Olathe certified educators for projects impacting Olathe students.

Fall 2017 Grant Amount: $10,000         

Focus: Student Need

The OPSF Women’s Giving Circle is currently seeking grant proposals.  Olathe educators should identify a challenge/problem impacting student achievement, and submit a grant proposal stating how they would address that challenge/problem faced by students in need utilizing resources funded with the grant. 

Proposals are due by noon, Thursday, September 21, 2017.

Download the Fall 2017 Women's Giving Circle Application.

For more information, contact the Foundation office at (913) 780-7878.

2016-2017 Classroom Grant Awards:

Brougham Elementary Brougham Maker Space - Rhonda Chism
Brougham Elementary Depth of Knowledge: 3 Tiers of Social Emotional Support - Ginny Stimac
Central Elementary Current Books are Central to Our Success - Dana Walker
Chisholm Trail Middle School Monarch Waystation and Outdoor Classroom - Melissa Kinzer & Andria Jones
Harmony Early Childhood Center Chiming in for Learning - Lesley Ketcham
IRC/District-wide - eAcademy Online PE Equity - Randy Warner
Madison Place Elementary Innovative Classroom Grant - Flexible Seating Abby Carnley
Olathe East Pharmaceutical Engineering in the High School Classroom - Stan R. Spurlin
Olathe Northwest Pottery Wheels - Tim Barnes
Olathe Northwest Pinhole Cameras - Hattie Gallagher
Olathe Northwest/District-wide - Cyber Camp 233 - Gina Reigert
Oregon Trail Middle School - Mats for the Homeless - Robin Simmons
Rolling Ridge Elementary Positively Channeling Energy in the Classroom - Jan Buster
Tomahawk Elementary Engaging Students Through Active Learning Centers - Sharla Sommer & Shanna Swan
Washington Elementary Building Connections Through Legos - Amy Smith
Blackbob Elementary - Little Movers - Jennifer Degner and Jill Stuart
Briarwood Elementary - Maker Space - Rhonda Francis
Central Elementary - The Cougar Den and Sensory Library - Dana Hinds
Chisolm Trail Middle School - Audio on Demand - Tracy Cook
District-Wide - College Connection - Dr. Jan Heinen, Jason Herman, Chris Zuck, Kerry Lane
FOCUS Program - MNU Campus - Focusing on Community Collaboration - Julie Reiter
Green Springs Elementary, Ravenwood Elementary, Santa Fe Trail Middle School - Creating Safe and Engaging Environments Jacob Wolf
Indian Trail Middle School Front Row Learning System - Jennifer Coughlin
Millbrooke Elementary - Math and Science Outdoor Classroom - Stephanie Dansco
Olathe Advanced Technical Center - Painting and Molding Brighter Futures in the Auto Collision Technology Program - Kyle Bentz
Olathe North - Backyard Brains Neuroscience Equipment - Chris Elniff
Olathe Northwest Closed-captioning Anna-Lynn Morris
Olathe South Do it or Die Cut Patricia Long
Olathe South - Falcon Pride All Around Greg Wheeler
Olathe South - Shining a Light on the Evidence Jennifer Dixon-Perkins
Olathe South - TI Nspire Calculators Deborah Abernathy
Oregon Trail Oregon Trail Choir Folders for the Future Beth Nelson
Oregon Trail Oregon Trail Schoolyard Garden and Giving Grove David VanThullenar
Oregon Trail - OT Open Gym Sports and Equipment Grant Dr. Steve Skoczek
Prairie Learning Center - Art Based Sensory Stimulation Amber Dalzell
Regency Place Elementary, Ravenwood Elementary, Scarborough Elementary and Prairie Center Elementary - Play Me a Tune - Kody Willnauer, Libby Frank, Sarah Hughley and Max Hasselquist
Ridgeview Elementary - Making "Sense" of our Needs - Laurie Diaz and Natalie Morris
Ridgeview Elementary - Writings on a Self Portrait Based on Frida Kahlo - Paul Elo
Walnut Grove Elementary - Maker Space - Rhonda Francis and Lisa Fiedler
Arbor Creek - Breakout AC: An Escape Classroom - Myca Powell
Olathe South - 21st Century Lighting in the Classroom and in Performance - David Tate Hastings
Olathe South - Texas Instruments Navigator Classroom - Deborah Abernathy
Indian Trail - FIT Step-Students in Motion - Kim Miller & Ashley Olerich
Claire Learning Center - Wiggle Your Worries Away - Tandy Braden
Olathe North - TRX Straps and Overall Body Fitness - Jeff Walton
Olathe North - Reaching Students in the Digital Age - Julie Fishburn
Olathe North - Power Positions: Championship Prescriptions for Ultimate Sports Performance - Jeff Walton
Fairview Elementary - Battle of the Books - Terri Schmidt
Meadow Lane Elementary - Executive Function Brain Breaks - Elizabeth Prestridge
Olathe Northwest - Twist and Turn in the Art Classes - Lisa Hirsch
Prairie Learning Center - Choose Your Seat Wisely - Tracey Enser
Prairie Learning Center - Under Pressure - Jill Stuart and Dr. John Laffoon
Prairie Learning Center - Stamp Out Hunger Take Two! - Dina Lockwood and Katie Thompson
Santa Fe Trail - Mission Possible: Breakout Learning Team Integrity Style - Deven DeRodes-Voss, Julie Cohorst, Bill Brooks, Brian Barackman
Olathe East - Study of Lighting: Experimental Light Lab - Garry Goddard
Olathe East - Design Academy Industry Ready - Sharon Gillett and David Kling
Olathe Parents as Teachers - Mindful Moments

2015-16 Classroom Grant Awards:

Olathe South – Guillotines are Good – Patricia Long
Olathe Northwest – Paint like the Masters – Abbey Thomas
Olathe East – Back to the Future – Melissa Sellers
Santa Fe Trail – Seeing Science like Never Before – Kelly Ulmer
Havencroft Elementary – Hands-On Social Studies – Angie Dorrell
Tomahawk Elementary – OSMO – Lori Hoisington
Washington Elementary – Advancing Hand Development for Kindergartners – Kathy DeWolfe and Shelly Ellis
Westview Elementary- Diving into a Good Book – Sherri Houfek and Christine Wiles
Tomahawk Elementary – Independence through Activities of Daily Living and Fine Motor Workboxes – Sharla Sommer and Shanna Swan
Olathe Northwest – Jennifer O’Gorman and Tim Oberhelman
Northview Elementary – Meeting the Math Need – Kim Hawkins
Indian Creek Elementary – Families Read Together – Marilyn Clark

Olathe South - Virtual Business - Rebecca Reyes
Chisholm Trail - Little Bits - Kim Dahl & Melinda Marye
Ravenwood Elementary - Osmo in the Library - Julie Fox
Olathe South - German Enrichment Reading Program - Scott Seeger
District Early Childhood - Foundation for Early Childhood Hand Writing Preparedness - Carol Affholder
Forest View Elementary - E-Book'n Researchers - Stacy Vandemark
West Dennis Support Center - Hands On Work Task Kits - Debby Byrne
Havencroft, Heritage, Mahaffie, Scarborough - Kinesthetic & Tactile Letter Formation Learning - Holly Brecheisen & Angela Sheele
Olathe East - Student Engineering - An OE Maker's Space - Michael Ralph
Ravenwood Elementary - Guiding Readers: Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Kindergarten - Kim Davis & Amy Strobel
Heartland Early Childhood Center - I Think I Can I Think I Can…Just Let me Roll Out Some Steam - Kristin Bunnell, Jenny Wilcoxson, & Tina Ring
Instructional Resource Center - eAcademy Online PE Innovation - Randy Warner & Brad Bingesser

Woodland Elementary - Color Me Creative - Kalli Lempka
Olathe Northwest - Taking a Closer Look: Merging Science and the Visual World - Lisa Hirsch
Westview Elementary - Awesome Osmo: Social Intelligence & Creative Thinking with iPads - Jenna Teddy
Olathe North - Sea Bus - Angela Epps
Washington Elementary - Belkin Tabled Stage Grant - Tressa Harper
Oregon Trail Middle School - TI-30XS Calculators - Anne Hawks
IRC - STEM Camp for Girls: Year 3 - Nancy Hughes
Bentwood Elementary - Build a Better Story - Nancy Smith
Ravenwood Elementary - Adding RIGOR to Ravenwood’s Daily 5 - Christi Gottschalk
Claire Learning Center - Young Adult Literature for a Youth Adult World - Taylor Higbee
Chisholm Trail Middle School - Physical Literacy Initiative – Kristine Williams
Olathe Northwest - Olathe Northwest Writing Center - Jessica Skogland & Becky Kazmaier
SOAR - Practical Learning Experience - LuJuanna Hopson
Oregon Trail Middle School - Engineering, Technology, and Visual Arts: A 3-D Printing - Robin Schuberth, Sean Jarvis, and Jeff Laflen
Mission Trail Middle School - Inventing the Future through 3D Printing - Richard Hinderliter
Olathe South High School - Find Your Fit II - Angela Verstaete
Olathe North High School - Mastery Classrooms in the Digital Age - Julie Fishburn
Olathe Public Schools - Increasing Parent Involvement Among Olathe Hispanic Families - Dr. Jan Heinen
Parents as Teachers - Nuestro Futuro Nuestros Hijos - Nancy Keel
Mahaffie Elementary - Ukuleles: You Can Help! - Brad Feagan
Heartland Early Childhood - Social Based Lego Play Therapy - Tina Ring
Westview Elementary - Westview Soccer Club - Karie Chiaverini & Colleen Redelsheimer

2014-15 Awards:

  • Choices  - Drawing to Succeed – Tina Sollars
  • Prairie Learning Center/SOAR  - Digital Photography – Shooting the Night Away – Chad McFarland
  • Olathe North High School - Mimio Teach – Laura Warren  
  • Olathe South High School - Robotics Summer Camp – Jason Smith  
  • Walnut Grove, Woodland, Ridgeview Elementary - Blast Off: Engineering for Kids – Meagan Lathrop, Amy Walker, and Louisa Mullender  
  • Millbrooke Elementary  -STEM Our Learning – Brandi Michaelis
  • Madison Place Elementary  - CBR TouchMonitor – Meghan Williams  
  • Green Springs Elementary - Building a School Community that Challenges ALL Students – Lauranne Hess, Kristen Lester, and Dr. Todd Wheat
  • Ridgeview Elementary - Tuned In to Learning – Amy Morris
  • Prairie Trail Middle School - iPad Mobile Microscopes – Aaron Hunter, Jason Paepke, Cindy Hutchison, and Josh Conner
  • Olathe South High School - The Work Box Library: Fostering Independence – Rebecca Presley and Rebecca Haney  
  • Olathe East High School - Tech Me Up! For Life-Long Learning – Amy Hill
  • Olathe East High School - Sensational Tech! Technology for our Senses – Jaimie Swindler
  • Olathe South High SchoolOn the Cutting Edge by Patricia Long
  • Olathe Northwest High School - Ceramic Enrichment by Tim Barnes
  • Olathe North High School - Graphics Drawing Tablets for Digital Photography by Kathy Ledbetter
  • Santa Fe Trail Middle School - Saturday Scholars by Amy Hillman
  • Bentwood Elementary - Engineering Rocks! by Nancy Smith and Christy VanGaasbeek
  • Manchester Park, Walnut Grove, Ridgeview - Blast off: Engineering for Kids! by Susan DeGroot, Lynn Ann Borchers, Kim Thorup
  • Parents as Teachers - Our Future Our Children by Nancy Keel, Erik Erazo, and Isabel Gutierrez
  • District Wide - STEM Camp for Girls by Nancy Hughes
  • Chisholm Trail Middle School - National History Day by Tracy Cook, Rhonda McGraw, and Jennifer Kennedy
  • Olathe East High School - New Horizons by JoAnn Hiatt and Dr. Bill Weber
  • Millbrooke Elementary - Innovation Stations for Students by Stephanie Dansco
  • Olathe North High School - Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind by Elizabeth Esco 
  • Forest View Elementary - Discover Magazine Media by Stacy Vandemark
  • Prairie Learning Center - Breaking Barriers: Encouraging Physical Activity among Students with Emotional and Behavior Disorders by Sara Sanders and Ron Posey
  • Central Elementary  - Read Me a Story - Modeling Fluency for Emerging Readers by Stephanie Kabriel
  • Olathe North High School - Enhancing Lab Write-ups with Photography by Jane Bush
  • Olathe East High School-  Aerification and Optimal Utilization of School Pond by Dr. Bill Weber and Kevin Bosworth
  • Rolling Ridge Elementary  - Sound System for Interpreting Needs by Ailiana Garcia
  • Olathe Northwest High School - FIRST Tech Challenge District Wide Initiative by Brandon Hernandez
  • Madison Place and District Wide - Creative Occupational Therapy using Technology with Amazing Students by Cara Eckstein and Cristan Philipp
  • Bentwood Elementary - The Science Station by Nancy Smith
  • Olathe North High School - V02 Max Fitness Assessment by Sarah Hanson
  • Westview Elementary - Displaying Greatness by Lindsay Frack
  • Olathe Northwest High School - Science Scholars by Gina Riegert and Jennifer O'Gorman
  • Olathe North High School College Readiness for Hispanic Students by Dr. Jan Heinen and Katelyn Girod
  • Heritage Elementary - Creative Playground by Karen Genis
  •  Santa Fe Trail Middle School - Using Banana Pianos and Cardboard Video Game Controllers by Josh Stock and Betsy Lawrence 
  • Santa Fe Trail Middle School - Santa Fe Trail Physical Education Innovation Grant by JJ Libal and Beth Nolan
  • Bentwood Elementary - Literacy Curriculum for Students with Complex Communication Needs by Russell Johnston and Melissa Fisher
  • Pioneer Trail Middle School - Heart Rate Monitors for Fitness by Jeff Zimmerman and Michael Wolgast 
  • Cedar Creek Elementary - Investigation Stations by Michelle Meier, Lisa White, Sara Carlson, and Jessica Eggleston
  • Prairie Learning Center - Addressing Challenging Behavior in the Classroom by Margaret Edison, Dina Lockwood, and Sara Sanders
  • Ravenwood Elementary - Self-Regulation Needed Here by Teresa Franzen, Hope Johnson, and Christi Gottschalk
  • Olathe South/Indian Trail - Technical Theater Makeup and Design by Jodie Buster
  • Olathe Advanced Technical Center - Math and Reading Skills up to Industry-Based Standards by Jennifer Barnum 
  • Pioneer Trail Middle School - Soaring into the Future by Max Strain  
  • Central Elementary - iBelieve in Reading by Jan Wessels, April Hennager, and Jana Elkins
  • Prairie Learning Center - Boys Town Alive! by Katy Thompson and Susan Thompson
  • Arbor Creek Elementary - Lunar Launch by Bryan Autrey
  • Prairie Trail Middle School - Raising a Racquet by Matt Jones
  • Indian Trail Middle School - Culinary Arts Camp by Anne LeVar-Hash
  • Havencroft Elementary - 1st and 2nd Grade Fairy Tale Puppetry by Anna Huelskamp and Kristin Falen
  • Olathe South High School - Extruding Success by Patricia Long         

2013-14 Awards:

  • • Mission Trail Middle School -- Don't Take My Word For It by Lori Greeson
    • Santa Fe Trail Middle School -- SFT Chess Club by Angela Case
    • Havencroft, Heatherstone, and Forest View Elementary School -- Bringing Civil & Human Rights to 5th Grade by Angie Dorrell, Keri Schumacher, and Jennifer Yoksh
    • Bentwood Elementary School -- Science Safari by Nancy Smith
    • Oregon Trail Middle School -- The Flying Tigers by Kendal Berrey
    • Harmony Early Childhood Center -- Using Technology to Improve Speech/Language by Julie Schwarz
    • Brougham Elementary School -- Say it Right! (With Speech Buddies) by Casey Rickels
    • Pleasant Ridge Elementary School -- iPads in the Art Classroom by Allison Mangold
    • Briarwood Elementary School --Start Write by Tina Cornell, Margaret Garrett, and Linda Maggard
    • Mission Trail and Prairie Trail Middle School -- Glass Slumping and Fusing by Kat Gardner
    • Olathe Northwest High School -- Batik Painting by Abbey Thomas
    • Olathe Northwest High School -- Copper Enameling for Sculpture and Jewelry Students by Lisa Hirsch
    • Olathe North High School -- Olathe North Percussion Ensamble by John Wickersham
    • Green Springs Elementary School -- Lego Robotics by Kathy Kamradt
    • Parents as Teachers -- Our Future Our Children by Nancy Keel
    • Rolling Ridge Elementary -- Lights, A CAMERA, and Action! by Steve Peterik
    • Ridgeview Elementary – Color Wheel Art Room Chairs by Paul Elo
    • Olathe Northwest High School – Tabletop Artwork & Product Studio by Hattie Gallagher
    • Havencroft Elementary – Brushes to Write by Anna Huelskamp
    • Countryside Elementary – Touring the World Through Art by Misty Lambeth
    • Olathe East High School – Alternative Processes in Photography by Sara Silks
    • Bentwood Elementary –Fathers, Football, and Facts/Mom and Me: Mad About Science by Christy VanGaasbeek and Lori Bettis
    • Forest View Elementary – Who’s Who in Historyby Kristin Terrell and Jessica Luppino
    • California Trail Middle School – California Trail Fitness Technology by Jeremy Peterson
    • Olathe Northwest High School and Meadow Lane Elementary – Anna-Lynn Morris and Amy Fontaine
    • Santa Fe Trail Middle School – Smart Music & iPad Technology by Joshua Hankey
    • Regency Place Elementary – Go Pro by Cameron Guelbert
    • Forest View Elementary – Guided Reading Leveled Books by Rosaland Garey
    • Countryside Elementary – Math Enhancement by Amy Berg, Annette Anderson, Amy Martin, and LeaAnne Smith
    • Santa Fe Trail Middle School – Saturday Scholars by Amy Hillman
    • Washington Elementary – Keep Calm – In a Sometimes Overwhelming Environment by Linda Weerts and Christi Gottschalk
    • Olathe East High School – New Horizons Academy by Dr. Bill Weber and JoAnn Hiatt
    • Briarwood Elementary – First Lego League Robotics by Cory Martens
    • Prairie Trail Middle School --  PRT Extended Learning: Supporting our At-Risk Students
    • Northview Elementary  - Road Runner Art Gallery by Katherine Rossiter
    • Olathe East High School – Quantification of Nerve Signal Transfer by Michael Ralph
    • Washington Elementary – Meeting the Needs at the WASH! By Christi Gottschalk
    • Frontier Trail Middle School – Immersed in Learning by Candi Stewart
    • Olathe East High School – ELA Flipped Classroom by Lindsay Stephenson
    • SOAR/PLC – Nutrition and Wellness Kitchen Supplies by Janet Davis
    • California Trail Middle School – Character Education in Leadership by Heather Rice
    • Washington Elementary – Writing Through the Year with the Common Core by Kim Lander, Amy Schneider, Kristina Moyer, and Lorrin Scavuzzo
    • Westview Elementary – 4th Grade Wax Museum by Erika Moreland
    • Northview Elementary – Manipulatives and More! By Kim Hawkins
    • Olathe East High School – OE Sophomore Project: Nonfiction Literature Circles by Lee Meyers
    • Olathe East High School – Vision with Google Glass by Cheryl Schmidt
    • Olathe East High School – Glass in the Class by Shanna Evans
    • California Trail Middle School – Flipped Learning Cadre Support by Karey Ficken
    • Claire Learning Center – Mover and Shakers by Tandy Braden
    • Oregon Trail Middle School – Putting Health & Fitness in Kids Hands by Elizabeth Masters and Amy McClain
    • Northview Elementary – Prevent the Summer Setback by Jackie Mayerske and Deb Stivers

2012-13  Awards:

  • Olathe South High School -- Mimio Technology by Rebecca Reyes and Candy Birch
  • Tomahawk Elementary School -- Daily 5 Implementation by Gayla Posch
  • Mahaffie Elementary School -- Mimio Teach by Jennifer Bruse
  • Ravenwood and Regency Place Elementary School -- Ukulele Utopia by Libby Whittle and Kody Willnauer
  • Santa Fe Trail Middle School  -- Promoting Lifetime Fitness by Mike Potchad
  • Fairview Elementary School -- On the Road to Common Core Standards by Kamiel Rawie
  • Mahaffie Elementary School -- Mimio Teach by Heather Lowe
  • Olathe South High School -- Monarch Waystation by Kristin Ramshaw
  • Ravenwood Elmenetary School -- Heart Monitor Motivation by Nick Pitcher
  • Santa Fe Trail MIddle School -- Saturday Scholars by Amy Hillman
  • Black Bob and Bentwood Elementary Schools -- Fact Finding Fridays by Janee Boswell and Nancy Smith
  • Mahaffie Elementary School --Voting to Success by Melissa Tobaben
  • Westview Elementary School -- Little Striders by Pat Robison
  • Claire Learning Center -- Phoenix Learning Library by John Laffoon
  • Fairview Elementary -- The Falcon Studio by Sarah Blakesley, LeAnne Erker & Tiffany Pinter
  • Instructional Resource Center Extended Learning -- STEM Opportunities by Julie Miller
  • Havencroft Elementary School Extended Learning -- Reading Rock Stars by Jenny Downs
  • Havencroft Elementary School Extended Learning -- Magnificent Mathematicians by Jenny Downs
  • Havencroft Elementary School -- Go Green! The Dirt on Compostin by Anita Felzke
  • Black Bob Elementary School -- Brain Body Connection by Jill Stuart, Katrina Hawthorne, Celilia Skiles
  • Claire Learning Center -- Squish it Real Good by Tandy Braden, Jill Stewart
  • Harmony Early Childhood Center -- Mimio Technology in the Early Childhood Classroom by Kimberly Buenger
  • Walnut Grove Elementary School -- Success - It's in the Hands of the Students by lynne Ann Borchers
  • Prairie Learning Center -- Read 180/Stage B Books by Mary Cathy Grigsby
  • Central Elementary School -- ELL Check-Out Materials for Classroom Teachers by Joleen Hertzberg, Lindsey Shriver, Brianna Salazar
  • Choices -- Helping Emerging Artists Shine by Tina Sollars
  • Fairview Elementary School -- Fairview Roving Reporter by Brad Norris
  • Santa Fe Trail Middle School -- Poverty Toolbox by Paul Giffin
  • Woodland Elementary School -- Keyboard Lab by Denice Trawicki
  • Regency Place, Green Springs, Ravenwood, Countryside, Heatherstone, Washington, Brougham Elementary -- Chime In by Kody Willnauer, Bryan Thompson, Libby Whittle, Linda Belden, Kelsy Orelus, Lindsey Meyer, Jennifer Curry
  • Oregon Trail Middle School -- Read to Success by Sue Jacobs
  • Westview Elementary School -- Growing Healthy: Improving science and nutirion learning through school gardens by Mandy Shoemaker
  • Olathe East High School -- Smart Technology Enhances Physical Education by Bill Weber
  • Northview Elementary -- Read Along with Me by Dawn Mercer
  • Frontier Trail Middle School -- Excel with E-Books by Marla Jones
  • Northview Elementary -- Reading Roadrunners by Kim Hawkins
  • Olathe East High School -- Scientific Programming and Hardware Fabrication by Michael Ralph
  • Olathe Northwest Highschool -- LEGO Mindstorms STEM Exploration by Darren Worcester, Gwen Poss

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2011-12  Awards:

  • Olathe South High School -- Whisper Phones by Brett Hartin
  • Mahaffie Elementary School -- Teacher in my Pocket by Toni Cole
  • Juvenile Detention Center -- Time to Focus  by Laura Bogart
  • Fairview Elementary School -- Figuring Family Fun by Anna Sambitan
  • Mahaffie Elementary School -- Supporting Daily Five by Davis, Reece, & Neneman
  • Forest View Elementary School -- Parents as Leaders by Dr. Mark Heck
  • Olathe Northwest High School -- STEM FIRST Robotics by Dr. Gwen Poss and Students
  • Countryside Elementary School -- Cover to Cover by Sherri Houfek
  • Olathe South High School -- Accountivities by Britni Jarvis
  • Rolling Ridge Elementary School -- Dynamite Digitz by Katie Horner
  • Oregon Trail Middle School -- Celebrating Success by Steve Massey
  • Olathe South High School -- Read 9 and Read 10 by Keri Zimmerman
  • Ridgeview Elementary School -- Sensory, Behaviors, & Data, Oh My! By Laurie Diaz
  • Bentwood Elementary School -- Blue Jay Wordlers by Jan Hodgson
  • Claire Alternative Learning Center -- Just Bake It! by John Laffoon
  • Olathe South High School -- Learn by Song by Dani LaBarge
  • Chisholm Trail Middle School -- JC Jumpers by Megan Hankins
  • Westview/Fairview Elementary School -- Fact Fluency by Robin Breedlove
  • Instructional Resource Center -- Working Memory Assessment by Chappell, Fasulo & Grant
  • Claire Learning Center - Phoenix Learning Library by John Laffoon
  • Millcreek Center - IT Meets AT by Kenneth Gandy
  • Olathe South High School - Problem Solving GPS by Joel Adell (GPS donated by Garmin!)
  • Harmony Early Childhood - Music Therapy by Lesley Ketchem
  • Claire Learning Center - Calculators and Headphones by Tandy Braden
  • Olathe East High School - Olathe East Trikes for Teachers by Jaimie Swindler
  • Tomahawk Elementary School - Orff Instruments by Sarah Gesling
  • Olathe South High School - Go For the Silver by Trish Long
  • Washington Elementary School - Implementing Daily 5 by Kim Lander
  • Claire Learning Center - Stability Balls by Tandy Braden
  • Olathe South High School - Business Basics by Rebecca Reyes
  • Walnut Grove Elementary School - Historical Clothing Trunk by Joanie Hulse
  • Indian Trail Middle School Extended Learning - AVID Summer Reading by Cathy Phillips
  • Washington Elementary School Extended Learning - Kindergarten Parent Night by Jan Dixon
  • Westview Elementary School Extended Learning - Listen Up! by Christine Wiles
  • Tomahawk Elementary School Extended Learning - ELL to Go by Janet Booth

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2010-11 Third Cycle Awards:

  • Forest View Elementary School -- Climbing the Level Ladder by Stacy Vandermark
  • Ridgeview and Northview Elementary Schools -- Book Pals by Dawn Mercer
  • Claire Alternative Learning Center -- No Time to Waste by Jill Stuart
  • Countryside Elementary School -- Visual Literacy Club by Misty Lambeth
  • Prairie Center Elementary School -- Apples for Autism by Joan Workman and Natalie Browning
  • Rolling Ridge Elementary School  -- F.R.E.D. by Lesley Sheldon
  • Olathe North High School -- Etiquette and Fine Dining by Laura Fogt
  • Prairie Learning Center-- Fishing for Fun by Judy Smith
  • Rolling Ridge Elementary School -- Backpack Bookworms by  Carol Adkins, Diana Stevens and Alison Melton
  • Countryside and Indian Creek Elementary School -- ELL Night Classes by Selena Eckstrom
  • Central Elementary School -- Parent University  by Stephanie Dancso
  • Rolling Ridge Elementary School -- Orffestrators by Michelle Williams
  • Indian Trail Middle School -- Rachel's Challenge by Becky Vrbas
  • Choices Specialty School -- Fitness at Risk II by Tina Sollars

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2010-11 Second Cycle Awards:

  • Forest View Elementary School -- Individual Focus by Betsy Peterson
  • Westview Elementary School -- Clone Me! by Jill Stuart
  • Pleasant Ridge Elementary School  -- World Drumming by Michelle Eickhoff
  • Olathe South High School -- Ball Chairs by Dani LaBarge
  • Chisholm Trail High School -- Fitness Room by Richard Brown
  • Rolling Ridge Elementary School -- Learning Academy by Alison Melton and Lori Fielder
  • Woodland Elementary School -- Art Galleries by Adam Moos
  • Olathe East High School -- The Loft by Caine Kreimendahl and Jill Vohs
  • Oregon Trail Middle School -- Middle School Clubs by Brenda Shaw
  • Chisholm Trail Middle School -- 21st Century Reading by Anita Ross

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2010-11 First Cycle Awards:

  • Arbor Creek Elementary School -- ACE Scrabblers by Christine Walker
  • Ridgeview Elementary School -- Listen Up! by Chelsea Praeuner
  • Olathe North High School --  Girls' Weight Training by Sarah Hanson (pictured,  right)
  • Oregon Trail Middle School -- Success Academy by Amy Jensen
  • Olathe South High School -- Latino Mentor by Stephanie Mattingly
  • Harmony Early Childhood Center -- Curriculum Bins by Carol Affholder
  • Pioneer Trail Middle School -- PT Snack Packs by Elaine Carpenter and Krista Beckley
  • Olathe South High School -- Alternative Energies by Dennis Burkett
  • Prairie Trail Middle School -- Promoting Youth Fitness by Matt Jones
  • CHOICES Specialty School -- Health & Fitness At Risk by Tina Sollars
  • Bentwood Elementary School  -- Play-date to Communicate by Melissa Fisher
  • Olathe East High School -- New Day After School by Lindsay Stephenson
  • Black Bob Elementary School -- Home Involvement Parent and Child by Ruth Henderson and Shawn Fiscus
  • Heatherstone and Walnut Grove Elementary Schools -- Active Learning Labs by Karen Leacox and Shelle Ellis
  • Santa Fe Trail Middle School -- Attacking Bullying by Paul Giffin and Rhonda Strecker

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2009-10 First Cycle Awards:

  • Olathe Northwest High School -- La Biblioteca by Annie Winkler
  • Olathe East High School -- La Biblioteca by Carmen Smull
  • Manchester Park Elementary School -- Action Based Learning by Julie Dunnaway
  • Prairie Learning Center -- Math Triumphs by David Sasser
  • Forest View Elementary School -- Climate of Literacy by Leigh Anne Rogers
  • Choices Specialty Program -- Graphic Novels by Tina Sollars
  • Olathe North High School -- AnatoME AcadeME by Deena Shipley
  • Santa Fe Trail Junior High School -- Caught on Camera by Kelly Ralston
  • Alternative Work Experience Program -- Community Collaboration by Debby Byrne
  • Walnut Grove Elementary School -- Sensory Integration by Shelle Ellis & Melissa Thomas
  • Countryside Elementary School -- Student Newspaper by Misty Lambeth
  • Olathe East High School -- Hawks to Hawks by Jill Vohs
  • California Trail Junior High School -- Teen Issues: Getting Help by Heather Rice
  • Scarborough Elementary School -- Opera, You Say? by Teresa Murray
  • Madison Place Elementary School -- Flashmasters by Stefanie Parish

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2009-10 Second Cycle Awards:

  • Olathe Northwest High School -- Exploring America & Improving Multi-Media Literacy by Angela Hedges
  • Olathe North High School -- The World is Their Oyster: Amplyifying Young Minds by Kristen Bickimer
  • Central Elementary School -- Getting A Smart Start on Reading by Jana Elkins
  • Prairie Learning Center --  Metamorphosis by Judy Smith
  • Brougham Elementary School -- Get a Grip! by Anita Davis & Tina Cornell
  • Project SOAR Specialty Program -- Ceramics For All by Chad McFarland
  • Olathe Northwest High School -- A Level Playing Field--Using Netbooks by Nancy McRoberts
  • Fairview Elementary School -- Star Centers by Mika Rutherford
  • Central Elementary School -- Dynamic Seating by Candace Crawford
  • Black Bob Elementary School -- Weigh to Go Watch D.O.G.S.! You Measure Up! by Nancy Skidmore & Shawn Fiscus
  • Clearwater Creek Elementary School -- Assistive Technology Library by Sarah Hoshor
  • Brougham Elementary School -- Focus Strategies by Anita Davis & Tina Cornell  

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2009-10 Third Cycle Awards:

  • Rolling Ridge Elementary School -- Leap Into Learning by Lori Hoisington
  • Indian Creek Elementary School -- Reading Rocks! by Janis Waggoner
  • Olathe North High School -- Laptop Lending Library by Brad Hankins
  • Pioneer Trail Junior High School -- Middle School Fitness by Jeff Zimmerman
  • Fairview Elementary School -- Centered on Reading & Math by Tiffany Pinter
  • Olathe North High School -- Eagle's Nest Kiosk by Katie Murphy

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2008-09 Bright Light programs:

  • CHOICES ProgramAt-Risk Youth Photography by Tina Sollars
  • Fairview Elementary School Flashmaster Success by Anna Sambitan
  • Fairview Elementary SchoolI Can Read It But I Don't Get It by Denine Larson
  • Frontier Trail Junior High SchoolBuilding For A Successful Future by Bob Stewart
  • Green Springs Elementary SchoolOn Task Behavior through Self Monitoring by Rebecca Miller
  • Havencroft Elementary SchoolPALS Packs by Terri Schmitt and Kristin Falen
  • Heritage Elementary SchoolReaching Reluctant Readers by Tracy Cook
  • Indian Trail Junior High SchoolBrain Trainer by Rachel Humes
  • Pleasant Ridge / Bentwood Elementary SchoolsReading Boot Camp by Ryan Stidham (pictured with Principal Krystal Actkinson, kindergarten teacher Kerry Mizner and students)
  • Prairie Learning CenterHeadlines and Memories by Mary Grigsby
  • Prairie Learning CenterSewing for Soldiers by Judy Smith
  • Rolling Ridge Elementary SchoolLetter Learning by Kristen Buck
  • Rolling Ridge Elementary School Literacy for All Language Learners by Patricia Garcia
  • Scarborough Elementary SchoolBuilding Bridges Through Communication by Machele Fisher-Haskin
  • Woodland Elementary School21st Century Learning by Jeff Carlson
  • Woodland Elementary SchoolKindergarten Rocks by the kindergarten teachers


2008-09 SpotLight programs:

  • Arbor Creek Elementary SchoolYou Otter Hear It! by Christine Walker
  • Green Springs Elementary SchoolParent Involvement Fun Packs by Brenda Traughber
  • Heartland Early Childhood CenterPECS Communication by Sarah Nolan
  • Indian Trail Junior High SchoolStep Toward Acculturation by Adriana Braswell and Margo Twaddle
  • Madison Place Elementary School Action-Based Learning Lab by Tara Griffin
  • Madison Place Elementary SchoolFamily Art Club by Rick Wright
  • Northview Elementary SchoolSensory Equipment Lending Library by Teresa Franzen
  • Olathe East High SchoolLet's Give Them Something to Talk About! by Lori Franklin
  • Olathe North High SchoolBringing Math Home Through Technology by Connie Heinen
  • Olathe North High SchoolLatino Dance Club by Randy Salisbury
  • Olathe North High SchoolMrs. DuBroc's Girls' Afternoon Book Club by Jeanine DuBroc
  • Olathe North High SchoolOperation: Weather by Brandon Gillette
  • Parents As Teachers programBlock Fest by Nancy Keel
  • Prairie Trail Junior High SchoolTechnological Exploration by Jenny Prueter, Greg Pelligreen and Mike Potchad
  • Ridgeview Elementary SchoolS'more Math by Carolyn Shunk
  • Santa Fe Trail Junior High SchoolLEAD Academy Database by Kerry Lane
  • Tomahawk Elementary SchoolLeap Frog Tag by Kathryn Faddis, Deanna Baginski and Patricia Kollasch

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