Fund-a-Need Success Stories

School Grant Total Date Funded
California Trail Middle School Makin' a 2.0 MakerSpace @ CTMS $405.00 4/20/17
Mission Trail Middle School Deweying It My Way $225.00 4/19/17
Olathe Northwest High School All Aboard the Cyber Bus $925.00 3/31/17
Olathe Northwest High School FIRST Tech Challenge Super Regionals Fund $1,515.00 3/31/17
Indian Trail Middle School Trauma Informed Care Resource Library $144.20 3/27/17
Fairview Elementary Allowing Students to Create Their Optimal Learning Environment $190.00 3/10/17
Brougham Elementary Sit Spots $100.00 2/9/17
Pleasant Ridge Elementary Wobbles for the Wiggles $503.00 2/28/17
Prairie Learning Center Sprout Out and Learn $600.54 2/21/17
Countryside Elementary Flexible Seating $740.00 2/2/17
Olathe Northwest High School ONW Twist and Turn in the Art Classes $160.00 2/2/17
Black Bob Elementary BlackBob Under Pressure $330.00 2/2/17
Olathe Northwest High School Privacy Folders/ Storage unit/ Read-to-self phones $327.97 12/28/2016
Santa Fe Trail Middle School Sensory Blankets $520.00 12/13/2016
Olathe Northwest High School Ceramics display case $200.00 1/6/17
Forest View Elementary Flexible Seating in 4th Grade $957.82 1/30/17
Pleasant Ridge Elementary Safe Schools - Can You Hear Me Now? $1,250.00 04/18/2017
Pleasant Ridge Elementary Magical music Carpet Ride $550.85 04/16/2017
Olathe North High School DECA Blazers for National Competition $275.00 03/31/2017
Washington Elementary Books for Backpacks $1,745.00 03/22/2017
Tomahawk Elementary Instructional Easel $350.00 03/10/2017
Mahaffie Elementary Let's Get Movin! $250.00 02/07/2017
Washington Elementary Guided Math Supplies!! $361.00 02/01/2017
Countryside Elementary Flexible seating $586.38 01/18/2017
Bentwood Elementary Capturing Student Memories (iPad Tripods Request) $650.00
Olathe North High School DECA National In Anaheim, CA $1,000.00
Santa Fe Trail Middle School plant purchase (succulents) $450.00
Millbrooke Elementary Let's Ride & Play $1,500.00
Rolling Ridge Elementary SCREAM for S.T.E.A.M. $370.17
Manchester Park Elementary Night of the Twisters - Class Set $279.60
Countryside Elementary You Are Now Free To Move About the Classroom $420.00
Olathe Northwest High School WeDo Legos Yes We Do! $1,456.95
Chisholm Trail Middle School Rat Dissection and Materials $620.00
Westview Elementary Westview Soccer Club Team Shirts $520.00
Bentwood Elementary Kore Wobble Chairs help active learners $530.00
Forest View Elementary Flexible in First $1,135.00
Briarwood Elementary Daily Five Activity Bins $269.64
Bentwood Elementary Wigglemania! $559.60
Prairie Trail Middle School Electron Flow Lab $250.00
Bentwood Elementary Wobble, learn and grow! $559.60
Frontier Trail Middle School SLR camera for yearbook $600.00
Bentwood Elementary Being Marvelous with Manipulatives! $557.64
Green Springs Elementary “Full STEM Ahead” $1,200.00
Prairie Learning Center A Doggone Good Idea! $1,500.00
Green Springs Elementary Kind Kindergarteners Care :-) $400.00
Heritage Elementary Heritage sensory room grant proposal $900.00
Westview Elementary Westview Running Club $910.00
SOAR Rewards for attendance and work completion $500.00
SOAR Credit Recovery Motivator $500.00
SOAR Food for Needy Families $500.00