Grant Programs

The Olathe Public Schools Foundation awards grants through three main programs: classroom grants, the Susan Spears Memorial Kindergarten Grant, and the Women's Giving Circle.

Classroom Grant Program

Classroom grants are awarded in four main categories:

  • Innovative classroom grant - up to $2,500
  • Hidden Glen Visual Arts grant - up to $2,000
  • Need-based grant - up to $1,000
  • Building/District-wide grant: up to $5,000 for projects impacting multiple classrooms, grades, or schools

Last year, the Foundation awarded more than $120,000 in grants.

The first grant cycle for the 2017-18 school year is now open. Certified educators may submit a grant application to the Foundation offices at the NLSC. Applications are due in our offices by 4:00 p.m. on the cycle deadline date. Grants that request any hardware or software must include a Technology Approval form that has been reviewed by Dr. Josh Anderson.

Grant Deadlines for the 2017-18 school year are:

  • Thursday, September 14, 2017
  • Thursday, November 16, 2017
  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

Grant applications will be considered in two steps. First, applications will be screened for compliance with our minimum eligibility standards. Applications that meet the minimum eligibility standards will be compared to other proposals using competitive standards in the following areas:

  • Innovation or Student Need
  • Impact
  • Educational outcomes
  • Student success

2017-2018 Cycle I - Grant Recipients

Bentwood Elementary - Busy Bins - Nancy Smith
Briarwood Elementary - BACK TO BASICS: Using Purposeful Play to Promote Fine and Gross Motor Skills - Sharla Sommer and Ginny Stimac
California Trail Middle School - Deciphering the Code - CT DNA Electrophoresis - Meg Richard and Adam Goad
Chisholm Trail Middle School - Silent Brass Mutes in the Band Classroom - Owen C. Evans
Chisholm Trail Middle School - 3-D Design and Printing - David Haines
Claire Learning Center - Calm Classrooms in the Midst of Chaos - Rob Shipley
Countryside Elementary - Building to Learn - Alison Berg and Kari Coen
Indian Creek Elementary - Technology for the 21st Century Student - Chelsea Harris
Indian Trail Middle School - Help for Billy Book Study - Tim Murray
Mission Trail Middle School - Classroom Breakout - Kristin Fulps
Olathe Advanced Technical Center - Classroom to Community Service - Amy Stolz
Olathe East - Three-Dimensional Art Studio Renovation - John Derby
Olathe North Olathe North - CBR Business Project - Andy Casptermeyer and Colleen Farthing
Olathe Northwest High School - BRIGHT IDEAS and Critical Skills in PHYSICS! - Chris Zuck, Dina Wingfield, Matt Peterie, Drew Smith, and Tim Kuhlman
Olathe Northwest High School - Mirrors & Windows Book Clubs - Jessica Skoglund & Angie Powers
Olathe Northwest High School - PE Activities Project Spikeball - Christiane Branstrom
Olathe Northwest High School -  Pottery Wheels - Tim Barnes
Olathe Northwest High School - SEW Artful - Lisa Hirsch
Olathe South High School - OS LMC Makerspace - Megan Roberts
Olathe South High School - Bench Expansion in the Greenhouse - Graham Rees
Olathe South High School - Throwing for the Future - Julie Weatherford
Oregon Trail Middle School - Breakout of the Social Studies Class - Amanda Magee
Regency Place Elementary - "Chillax" - Greg Oborny and Shelley Blackwell
Santa Fe Trail Middle School - How to Think Not WHAT to Think - Summer Cowick

Susan Spears Memorial Kindergarten Grant

The Susan Spears Memorial Kindergarten Grant was established to honor Susan Spears, a career educator in the Olathe Public Schools District.  She taught from 1986 to 1998, when she became an Instructional Resource Teacher (IRT).  Susan was honored to be an IRT until her retirement in 2011.  Up to $1,500 is available per year. Her final message to everyone, “I want you to go out and BEE Happy!”

Please return the application to Ann Addison, Instructional Resource Center. The deadline for consideration is February 22.

Women's Giving Circle 

The OPSF Women’s Giving Circle is a group of women who each donate $100 twice a year to form the pool of funds with which they fund innovative grants twice a year. Their combined financial contributions create a pool of funds which they grant out to Olathe certified educators for projects impacting Olathe students.

Spring 2018 Grant Amount:   $13,000 minimum - $15,000 maximum
The OPSF Women’s Giving Circle is currently seeking grant proposals for the Spring 2018 cycle.  Olathe teachers should present an innovative solution to challenges/problems impacting student achievement.  While these grants will not target students in need, grants are welcomed from any school in the Olathe district.  
Deadline for applications:
Spring 2018 applications must be received electronically at the OPSF office ( by noon, Thursday, March 22, 2018.

For more information, contact the Foundation office at (913) 780-7878.